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Design and implement interactive behavior visualization tools

UX Engineer

You'll do well in this role if:

  • You enjoy experimentation and collaboration. We’re in uncharted territory, and the best solutions will often involve trying lots of different ideas and getting input from teammates and customers.

  • You’re comfortable writing clean, maintainable JavaScript. Experience writing Python is a strong plus, but not required.

  • You have an interest in learning 2D and/or 3D visualization libraries like three.js or d3. Prior experience with some of these frameworks or 3D game engines is even better.

We’re looking for a programmer/designer hybrid with a passion for building data visualization tools, someone who combines technical ability with fundamental design skills. This role is creative and collaborative, so we’re looking for someone who is excited about exploring different ideas and iterating quickly on designs.


  • Designing and implementing our developer-facing dashboard, which includes both 2D and 3D time series data.

  • Collaborating with internal colleagues and external developers, integrating their feedback and ideas into the final product.

  • Owning as much of our traditional web presence and 3D game demos as you like.

  • Identifying and recruiting or hiring external designers.

  • Directly supporting at least one of our top game developers, acting as the bridge between their specific needs and our product plans.

Your Responsibilities could include:

As a UX engineer, you’ll be responsible for designing and implementing the in-game and web-based tools that allow our customers to visualize and interact with behavioral data generated by our system. You’ll be defining how our developers train, experience and understand our agents, developing innovative ways to present and interact with behavioral data in 2D and 3D.


We offer a unique opportunity for individual growth and leadership. You’ll be joining an early stage company, which means that you’ll learn first hand about how to do zero to one product development. You’ll make fundamental technical decisions, shape the company culture, and grow as rapidly as the company itself.


No matter where you work, we believe in the importance of working sustainably. We provide all employees with flexible vacation benefits so that you take time off when you need it, and encourage every employee to define a work schedule that keeps nights and weekends free for all of the other things you care about in life.


We provide every employee with the ability to work where and when they feel most productive. You can come into our San Francisco office whenever you want the benefits of in person collaboration, work from home when you want maximum focus, or work remotely when needed.


Agentic offers competitive salaries as well as full medical, dental, vision, and 401k plans. As an early employee, you will be a part of an equity plan that gives you a direct share in the company’s success.



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